Piano Lessons in Tulsa | Musical Goals

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This edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we’re going to be discussing setting musical goals and how we can use the smart method to set our goals. So without further ado, my name is Steven. I’ve been an instructor at the Curtis music Academy for one year and have loved every single minute of it. I’ve learned tons of things on how to set goals, how to achieve goals, how to adjust to certain students’ needs, how to teach younger students, how to teach middle aged students, and then older students. I’ve learned many things on this in this year and not only in this year, but I’ve been teaching music since I was 18. So going on five to six years now, been teaching for five years.

I’ll be going on my sixth year, coming up and have loved every single minute of it as well. I’ve learned lots on how to manage students, how to continuously over-deliver. And those are some key things that will keep you as an instructor, keeping students and retaining students as well as helping you to, pour into yourself and self-educate so that you can be the very best instructor possible. And so without further ado, we’re discussing how to set musical goals. Well, when it comes to setting musical goals, first you have to want to do it. You have to have a desire to set a goal, especially a musical goal.

You know, and ask questions. Is your musical goal to play guitar? It’s to have a piano lessons in Tulsa, is it to play drums? Is it to play kazoo? Is it to play violin? You have to decide on one instrument that you want to master. And so ask yourselves, what is that instrument? Is that the guitar? Will I need to take piano lessons in Tulsa? Is it the violin? Is it the piano? Is it the drums? Is it the didgeridoo? It’s important to know which instrument, which musical instrument you’d like to start with. And that is the first step.

Decide on one instrument to learn. After you’ve decided on an instrument to learn, then you want to decide what, how or how excellent do you want to be at that guitar? Do you want to be kind of good, very good or advanced? Very, very excellent or great a master at it. We kind of break it down into, you know, being a beginner than an average player or a very advanced player to decide how skilled do you want to be in that instrument? Do you want to be okay, do you want to be good or do you want to be great? And so those are some key things that you want to think about whenever setting a musical goal.

Then after you’ve set how well you want to be, how good do you want to be? Whether that’s a novice or kind of good to good to great or a master or advanced. So you want to set after you’ve set that tone for yourself, you’ll need to find an establishment such as a music school like Curtis music Academy to begin taking piano lessons in Tulsa and to begin to set aside time in your schedule Monday through Saturday or Monday through Sunday. When will you take the piano lessons in Tulsa and so for to do that you’ll need a calendar and you’ll need maybe just a piece of paper, like a calendar that you can buy from the store or a calendar on your phone will always work well also because you can also set reminders a day ahead of time, an hour ahead of time, 30 minutes, five minutes ahead of time to remind you when your lesson is.

So you have so far you have decided on what instrument to Excel at and you’ve decided how good you want to be at the instrument. And then we’ve gotten down a calendar to put down what, how much time, and that’s the, that’s really the third one is deciding how much time you want to set aside to get average or to become an average player or to become a master player. It doesn’t take very much effort to be not so good. Right. So that’s why I didn’t mention the novice area. But no matter what you do, there’s going to be a set amount of time needed to be allotted for reaching that goal.

And then once you’ve reached that specific time goal of how much time you want to set aside for it, determine not only for your piano lessons in Tulsa, how much time you want to decide to do a week for your piano lessons in Tulsa, whether that’s 30 minutes, one hour, maybe even a little bit less like 45 minutes. And at the Curtis music Academy we have all of those options with different price points. Also, how much money do you want to put toward getting really good at the guitar or kind of or average at the guitar? You know you want to ask those questions, you want to ask how much time do you want a lot to it. And then also how much money do you want it a lot to it. Is it, do you have 30 bucks a week?

Maybe 40 bucks a week? What about a hundred bucks a week? You know, that will also determine what, how good you want to get. Cause if you want to be average, I would just use YouTube or download an app. But if you want to get, become a master or become really, really good, you want to definitely have a mentor or an instructor to kind of help you get there as fast as possible. And then you want to select the amount of time willing to put towards that 30 30 minute lessons, 45 minute lessons, hour lessons. And if you’re wanting wanting to do 30 minute lessons, that’ll be, you know, very minimal money. And then 45 and up, we’ll just, it’ll just tend to get a little bit, you know, add the price on to that.

Next, after you’ve decided how much time you’re willing to put towards becoming a musician and then how much money you’re willing to put to put towards becoming a musician. You want to decide how much are you willing to practice at home? Do you tell them I really become a really good, good musician. And so are you willing to put 30 minutes a day, maybe less, 15 minutes a day or maybe an hour a day, maybe two hours a day. It kinda depends on your already formulated schedule. But something is better than nothing.

And that’s pretty much the rule of thumb that I use with my students. Something is better than nothing. But I, if I was to suggest an amount of time every day to practice, I would say anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes a day practicing and you will become average to very good. And so there are different requirements for different levels of talent that you want to get to, levels of skill that you want to get to music as a skill. And so lastly, you want to decide after you have figured out your time goal, how much time do you want to devote to learning your guitar? And then, or ms or musical instrument, you want to then decide how much money you’re willing to invest in yourself to become as good as you need to. Maybe you need to pay for piano lessons in Tulsa. Maybe you need to pay for an app that’s on your phone and then after you’ve figured out the investment amount, how much time are you willing to invest at home after that, you want to begin taking piano lessons in Tulsa.

But my piece of advice I wanted to leave to you is what we call smart goals. A smart goal is something that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time sensitive. Let me say that one more time. This is how you can begin to set goals on your own by yourself at home and where you wouldn’t need my help. And that is to set a smart goal. A smart goal is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time sensitive. You want to set a specific goal, a measurable and achievable goal, a relevant goal, and definitely a time-bound goal. And by doing this, you should have all the goals lined up.