Piano Lessons in Tulsa | Why You Should Schedule a One Dollar Lesson

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

At Curtis Music Academy, we start from the basic fundamentals and work our way up from there. There is a story about John Wooden at UCLA, a men’s basketball coach who coached at UCLA for twelve years, and out of those 12 years, he won 10 national championships. Why did he win 10 national championships? You may ask. Because he taught his students the fundamentals, not asking himself if they needed to learn, not already being grown men. He started from the bottom. And took them straight to the top.

First of all, on the first day of practice, he taught them how to put their socks on so that they wouldn’t get blisters. After teaching them how to put their socks on, he taught them how to properly put on their shoes. After teaching keyboard lessons in Tulsa, what ends up happening is grown men learn how to properly put their shoes on. Then he taught them then how to tie their shoelaces so they wouldn’t come untied. At Curtis Music Academy, we take this same approach. We make sure that the fundamentals are taken care of, so that our students have a strong foundation on which they can stand.

While fundamentals are incredibly important, we can then advance into a personalized music lesson plan that works for the student. Oftentimes, when you go to someone who is a master in their craft, you will find that they have their so-called, “tried and true way”. Well here at Curtis Music Academy, you’ll find that we are different.

In fact, listen to the students who take keyboard lessons in Tulsa and we mold their musical path. From their personal needs. There have been times in our lives when someone has said to us. It’s going to be my way, or it’s going to be the highway. And oftentimes you’re going to be faced with that decision when we meet people who think that their way is the only way.

Curtis Music Academy, we pride ourselves on asking you. What are your goals? What caused you to start wanting to play the guitar? What caused you to start wanting to play the piano or singing or whatever it may be? We craft a path geared specifically for you, so that you will continue to receive those motivational interests. If you would like to become a professional musician or just play to entertain your family, we can help you get to that place.

With that being said, our instruction is tailor made for you. We specifically know that you are going to absolutely love coming into Curtis Music Academy when you learn new musical skills. We are going to make sure not only that everyone taking keyboard lessons in Tulsa are having fun doing it, but that the atmosphere is comfortable. We want you to be exciting about coming back. We are incredibly excited that you are going to get the absolute most out of every single minute you spend at Curtis Music Academy.

As you make progress, we will make sure to be there. To celebrate your growth, as well as every effort we have observed you put in. We will have fun, and we will make sure that your experience at Curtis Music Academy is nothing short of extraordinary.

Not only will we celebrate your accomplishments, at Curtis Music Academy, we even hold two concerts per year. This gives you as a student an opportunity to show your hard work with others. That way, others can celebrate your hard work, as well. This new skill that you have learned. It also gives you a chance to get applause. Because you take keyboard lessons in Tulsa, it will give you the opportunity to grow and fall in love with your musical instrument. It’s a good reminder of why you began learning in the first place.

Another one of our four core values is passion. We want each student taking keyboard lessons in Tulsa to be passionate about learning. As each student comes to their lesson, they are greeted by their instructor with a smile and with excitement as well. We pride ourselves on not only motivating our students to practice their musical instruments. But through this process, we also motivate them and inspire them.

To continue learning, as stated by Anthony J. D’Angelo, “If you develop a passion for learning, you will never cease to grow.” With that said, we are prepared to ignite the passion of learning in our students. But not just our students we ignite the passion of continued learning in our instructors, as well. We want our instructors’ continued learning to be carried on in the students.

Also, the designed keyboard lessons in Tulsa tailored to each student keep learning interesting and have each student wanting to come back to learn how to play their favorite song, whether it be classical, pop, rock, reggae, rap or jazz. With continued and elevated enthusiasm, whatever your musical interest is, I’m sure you share it with at least one instructor at Curtis Music Academy. In addition, we provide the resources for you to be able to learn whatever it is you’ve set your mind to learning.

We will personally arrange each song not only to your liking, but to your skill level as well. We also personally dictate chord charts in sheet music for each song that we teach. We also create worksheets to improve your learning and to make certain concepts that are difficult and complex, easier to understand. And the resource we are most proud of is our easily accessible support team.

If you find that you are lost in a piece of music or just have a question, something simple, we ask you not to hesitate to reach out to us. Sometimes when you take keyboard lessons in Tulsa, things can get crazy. So please don’t hesitate to schedule your first lesson today for just one dollar.