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For today’s introduction into the podcast of Curtis Music Academy, we will be discussing many different options for taking piano lessons Tulsa and the benefits and the downsides of any of those options. So if you are someone that is interested in taking piano lessons or guitar lessons or vocal lessons and you live in Tulsa, I would like to describe a few different options that are available to you and things that you can be thinking of as you are looking for different options. The first option is to find private lessons at a school. Some schools provide private lessons as an opportunity for their students to benefit greatly in taking lessons, which is a really cool thing. I can remember as a high school student, I received a scholarship from my public school. There was someone that had donated money specifically for students in the band program to take private lessons and then fact the instructor would come to the school to receive those uh, private lessons.

And what’s really cool about that is the fact that because I had received a scholarship, I only had to pay $5 for those lessons. And so some schools will have scholarships or other opportunities for students to take private lessons in the course of those opportunities. And another thing that could happen for you is that you could take lessons at a library or you could contact different places around your town to decide whether or not to. Different organizations provide lessons. Some organizations even provide group lessons, which is a really cool opportunity for those that perhaps are unable to afford or receive lessons throughout the course of their life. And that is something that would be available to them.

You could contact not only libraries, you could contact public schools, you could contact churches or other group organizations that would be able to help you understand what it is that you are looking for and what it is that is available to you. Because you never know what things could come up. You never know what things could present themselves to an organization. And a lot of times if it is a group organization that are our members in that church or library or zoo membership, that would have different opportunities for their members to be involved in. So you could definitely take a look at different places to see what opportunities are for you. A, another way that you can find piano lessons in Tulsa is to simply just Google it. Do a quick Google search for guitar lessons in Tulsa or piano lessons in Tulsa and see what pops up.

See if there’s any different organizations that stick out, whether it’s a music school or perhaps a individual teaching lessons out of their house. Because what you’ll find is that there’s many different people that teach lessons, but not everyone is what you’re looking for. There’s some people that are very strange who teach in side of their house and this is something that could certainly be concerning for a person or a mother that’s attempting to provide piano lessons Tulsa for their daughter or their son. This can be something that certainly could deter from what you’re looking for. So if that’s the case, look into some music schools or whatever it is that you feel would work best for you. When you take a look on Google and you see all of the different options that are available to you, you may find that this is something that is a resource that would be of benefit for you, that you would be able to take a look at all of the different options and see what it is you’re looking for. Weigh the different things of what one organization does better than others and trying to see what it is that would work best for you and that can all be found on Google.

Another thing that you could look for is to see if there’s any trial periods for the piano lessons Tulsa or if you have to commit right off the bat, do you have to commit or can you take a single lesson for a low cost or free or perhaps even are you able to just sit in on the lesson and observe the teacher teach a different student? These are things that would be very helpful to know whether or not you are able to watch a lesson or see a lesson way before committing to taking a year long subscription of lessons. That is something that is very important because you never know. You don’t want it to be stuck with a specific teacher or a specific person.

If you are unsure whether or not they are a good teacher at whether or not they’ll fit with you or whether or not you think that they would be an awesome fit for your child. These are all things that you should be thinking of before committing to taking piano lessons Tulsa. So today we’ve talked a lot about different options of what you can do and if you are in the Tulsa area and you’re looking for lessons or perhaps you are in the Tulsa area and you are already taking lessons somewhere, I would encourage you to take a look at the $1 lesson at Curtis Music Academy because the reason that we do this is so that our students or potential students can come here and decide for themselves whether or not this would be a good fit.

And not only that, if you take than somewhere else, you can take a $1 lesson for virtually no risk. And what would end up happening is you will be able to take a look at our instructors and benefit from this $1 lesson by only paying $1 and you will learn some really cool things that will help to either encourage you to practice more, motivate you with your current instructor and just decide how you can move forward with your piano lessons Tulsa even if it’s not with us.

So if you have an opportunity to, I encourage you to take a look at that $1 lesson. Go ahead and hang out with us for a little bit. Talk with us, tell us about your passions of learning an instrument and we will discuss with you some of the things that have benefited us as musicians. One thing that people don’t really think about is that as an instructor we are also people who previously took Piano lessons Tulsa before.

We are also people who have received challenges and difficulties throughout the course of learning an instrument and we want to help others also learn what it is that they can be benefiting from throughout the course of their musicianship. Because you never know what it is that could cause difficulties and help you reach the next level throughout the course of learning an instrument. So we would love to help you take Piano lessons Tulsa. We would love to help you learn an instrument and throughout the course of all of the different things that you will be learning, we want to help you, even if it’s not with us, even if you’re taking lessons somewhere else, if you’re not in the Tulsa area, go ahead and still sign up for that $1 lesson because we would love to meet with you over Skype and hear about your goals and hear about all of the things that you can be doing to benefit from your music.