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So now I’m going to talk about the importance of having quality office supplies, whether that be an office that holds them all. You need to have a good printer with that good printer. Probably the most important to us here at creative music academy would be quality paper. And this is not just some boring old copy paper that you buy at staples. This will be some heavy duty cardstock paper that you’d buy like somewhere like Dunder Mifflin paper company. So also we have really good sticky notes and you might ask yourself, well Erica administrative assistant, Erica, why is all of this important to taking Tulsa guitar lessons? Wow, thank you for asking. It is really important for taking Tulsa guitar lessons, piano lessons or vocal lessons because it is crucial that you have a functioning office and all the supplies that go with it in order to have an organized system for scheduling and taking Tulsa guitar lessons and doing all of the administrative tasks.

So as the administrative assistant here at Curtis Music Academy, I spend most of my time in the back office area and this is the area that holds all of the office supplies. So it looks like back here we’ve got a three hole punch so that we can organize our files accordingly, make sure we have everyone’s proper documentation and tax forms that all that stuff filed away in a nice three ring binder. So we have that whole punch, the nice three ring binder that holds all of the information for our instructors, all of their weekly time sheets and things like that. Those two things are really important because it assures that we get payments in on time, that we submit all of the proper documentation that is needed for instructors success. So if we did not pay our instructors regularly or on time, then we would probably not have as quality of instruction as we do.

So it is really important that you treat your instructors well. And one of the ways that we do that is being very organized with their needed documents and making sure that we arranged to pay them on time every time as well in the office. We also have a computer and this computer is used mostly for just simply a pulling up the schedule. So when I am calling a new lead or someone who is, has filled out a form on our website for taking Tulsa guitar lessons, I will plug in the business phone and check the schedule so that I will be able to schedule them for the first $1 Tulsa guitar lessons. So the computer is important because we need to be able to see the schedule effectively and clearly so that we can schedule them at the perfect time. That works with both our schedule that’s pulled up on the computer and their schedule that they probably know it by heart.

So that is just really important and plugged into that computer is the printer and this printer really saves us every day, every single day. We are printing documents, copying things, making copies, all of the fun stuff that comes with being an administrative assistant. A lot of it requires the printer so accurate. As Music Academy we do not charge our students for any of the songs that they want to learn or any of the music that they might get or books we pay for all of that. And it’s included in their total for the month. So we oftentimes are printing a lot of songs that we have written on the computer. So there are softwares that you could download two songs on the computer. Things like guitar tabs, so we have a print that stuff off for the student before they take their lesson. So that it’s really important to us that we have a lot of paper materials because there’s something special about having tangible items, tangible goods when you’re taking Tulsa guitar lessons.

Because if you don’t have actual things in your hands, actual tangible music or paper, then oftentimes you’re not going to feel like you got the most out of your lesson. So this paper is really motivating actually when you’re handed a song that has been created just for you, there’s a lot of motivation there to actually practice it. And when you’re holding it in your hands, you can see specifically what needs to be done for the week and what you need to practice. So that it’s just really important for us that we’re able to copy things for the students and print things off if they need it. I also, a lot of our instructors before the lesson with their guitar student, our piano student, they will come into the office and print off some materials for the lesson and it oftentimes isn’t even a song. So one of our guitar instructors, Steven is really good at printing off things specifically for his students if he remembers that they need it.

So last week Steven came in here and plugged his phone up to the computer and printed off some forms for one of his beginner ish guitar students and he printed off thanks that he knew the Qatar student would need to be successful in the upcoming lesson. And it was really helpful for him. Actually it wasn’t music, but it was a guide for how to place your fingers when finger pick, picking a certain side. So Steven did not have to do that. He didn’t have to come in here and print that off first unit. But he was really thoughtful and we are really glad that we have the opportunity at Curtis Music Academy to individualize our Tulsa guitar lessons to that extent and to be able to print things off for our students when we need to. And since we print off so much stuff for our students, it’s really important that we used the right paper.

I talked about this briefly earlier, but oftentimes not even often times all of the time that you use plain copy paper that you buy from office depot or Staples, it is very flimsy. And the flimsy paper when you put a lot of ink on it because it’s a song or something just really does not do well, it gets crumbled up when students take it home, it gets ripped easily, the ink bleeds through the back side and it’s just not great paper. So we have found that what works best for us, Equitas music academy is the premium white cardstock paper. And this current soc paper is a little more expensive than the normal copy paper, but it is top of the line paper. So we always spend the extra money to make sure that we have the good quality paper because we want our students to have the best instruction and the best material that we can possibly give them.

And that requires some good quality paper. So the cardstock paper that we use is really great because we can print on both sides if we need to. It is extra thick. That’s a lot thicker than copper paper. If you’re not familiar with cardstock, it’s about twice as thick as copy paper. it is not see through when you hold it up to the light. So it is not a thin at all. Things show up better on it. It’s not flimsy like normal copy paper. So like I said, copy paper gets wrinkled up when a student puts it in their book and it gets torn easily. But this cardstock paper is so thick that it is not wrinkled easily. It’s not torn easily and it typically just lasts a lot longer. Student can write on it and it won’t bleed through all the things like that.

So cardstock paper is one of the things that you buy consistently to make sure that all of our students are getting the best materials that we can possibly give them. We also have in our office a Kurdish music academy. We have a paper shredder and this paper shredder. It’s really important for Tulsa guitar lessons, piano lessons and vocal lessons because when we have a lot of paper, a lot of extra songs or whatever, it takes up a lot of room in our office and we need the office space to be clean and organized for all of the important things that we do. So when there’s extra paper that we’ve printed off though he no longer deed, we’re able to just shred that up right in the paper shredder as well as any documents that might have sensitive information or information that I’d be thrown in the trash. It’s right there for us to use if we need it. And we use a lot, actually comes in quite handy for us here at Curtis Music Academy. So I hope that after this, you all have learned the importance of having quality office supplies and just a, an organized office space. And I hope that you’re able to see how important that really is when teaching Tulsa guitar lessons.