Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Finding Peace in Music

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Finding peace in music in a very conflicted world and the United States in 2019 it seems as though there’s controversy on every side of topics and even music has its set of controversy, all topics because in Tulsa, Oklahoma right now if you’re following the news, the University of Tulsa has cut all of the music programs in the university. And this is a situation that is not very good as a music major at the University of Tulsa, a alumni of the University of Tulsa. I have such deep roots in the music program to you and it is sad to me that the university is cutting the music program. And so there there’s controversy on every side of topics and as you go through and you hear about things that are happening in the United States, it seems as though there is much to discuss. And unfortunately for a lot of people trying to find peace in so much conflict is a very difficult thing for them to do.

And so I think that one of the things that people could do to better appreciate their situation is to listen to music, play music and figure out a way to find peace when you are stressed out and throughout the course of what’s going on in the United States, trying to find out what’s going on in these people’s lives. It’s something that can be a little bit of a difficult thing to do because they are so upset, they’re so frustrated and a lot of people have bitterness issues and they simply want to be mad at people. And if you are a person that is a bitter person and you have a difficult time finding people that you can relate to, then probably you are not going to find that people want to be around you. And so if you have a situation where you play music and you are able to provide entertainment to others, then this is something that can be a very valuable asset because people will want to be around you if they’re stressed out in their hearing, this awesome music, they will find comfort in your ability to play music. And they will want to be around you. And so if you have any sort of musical ability, a lot of people, well spend time being around you and if you have decided that you are a advocate of controversy.

If you are looking for ways to cause people to think badly about others, then perhaps all you need is to take some Tulsa guitar lessons because Tulsa guitar lessons can genuinely help others to feel connected even if they’re opinions are different. And if you think about it, this is one of the reasons why at church, when you go to church on Sunday, you play music before the sermon. We, we go to this church service. And then the first thing that we do and we walk in the doors is we start singing and listening to music. And this is according to these churches, a form of worship which you can connect your emotions and your praise to God. And the interesting thing about this is it is actually one of the most effective ways for humans to get on the same page with each other is by singing. And when we sing words, it helps relieve stress. It helps too be more peaceful. And so it’s very interesting how singing and how all of these different things can help us to be more connected to one and another. So if you are someone who enjoys singing and you are someone who has lots of different melodies that you have, then you are likely to be more peaceful, less stressed out, and an enjoyable person to be around. And someone who doesn’t enjoy listening to music or someone that doesn’t enjoy singing. So if you are looking for peace in a growingly diverse, difficult

place, then what you can do is begin learning music and enjoying all of the things that are around you and looking on the bright side of life. If you’re always looking at the negative side and the headlines in the news and all the crimes that were committed in your area, you’re going to get depressed. You’re going to get very frustrated with the way other people are going through things. So if you have anything that is causing you to go crazy, then I would encourage you to learn music and learn to play the guitar we’re seeing. And if you have many different areas in your life that you would like to get better at music, especially if you are in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I would encourage you to find different areas and find different things that are helpful to you to begin taking Tulsa guitar lessons. And if you are struggling with finding peace, if you are struggling with having thoughts about our bad music is one way that can help those thoughts go away and they can help you keep a positive outlook on not only life but also on your own enjoyment of things that are going on.

So throughout the course of your day, if you are searching on Google, go ahead and look up Tulsa guitar lessons, see if there’s anywhere that would be a great fit for you to take Tulsa guitar lessons and see if there is anything that you can do to find peeps. Because throughout the world and throughout your life, if there is anything that you could do to have a better life, wouldn’t you do it? Wouldn’t you try something out just to see if it would be something that would be of a good fit? Of course you would. And not only that, but your first Tulsa guitar lessons and Curtis Music Academy is just $1. And if this is something that interests you, then it certainly would be of no long term commitment or cost to you. You could come in and try us out and see if it is in fact something that would help you to have an enjoyable life throughout the course of a life long day.