Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Why Its Important to Schedule Reminders

This content was written for Curtis Music Academy

So now I’m going to talk about why it is important to send someone multiple reminders for the first lesson. And additionally I will talk about how we go about contacting someone once we received a contact form from them. So the first way that our students are able to schedule their first lesson is through filling out a form online. So when you search Tulsa Guitar Lessons ¬†and you click on Curtis Music Academy, you’ll be shown to the website and once you’re on the website you’ll be able to click easily on this thing that says schedule your first $1 lesson. And once you click on that box, you’ll be led to a sheet, has you fill out your name, your email address, your phone number, and what instrument you are wanting to learn. It is all online, it’s super easy to find. So at the student or the person who is contacting us, we’ll just to fill out that form.

It’s super short and easy and we will respond to that form. We will give them a phone call to schedule their first lesson, ask them when their availability is accident. A couple of questions about what they are looking for in taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons so that we know if we’re a good fit for them, they’re a good fit for us. So once we scheduled that first $1 lesson, we then send them immediately a confirmation text and email address. So we want to make sure that at the end of the phone call we confirm the appointment that they have schedules, they will repeat to us, we’ll verify that it’s correct. And then the next step is to send them that text message and we’ll say, hey, whatever your name is, thank you for scheduling your first $1 Tulsa Guitar Lessons at this time and this day. So they have it in their phone, they have our number and their phone and they can see exactly when they’re lesson is and hopefully put it in their calendar.

In addition to that first text message, we will also send them an email address and this email and address, we will add in our contact information where our studio is located, instructions for how to reach it. And we’ve also included links to our student testimonial videos, which are videos that we take of our students and they tell us why they enjoy taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons and why they stick around and take lTulsa Guitar Lessons with Curtis Music Academy and Tulsa, Oklahoma. So we’ll send them the confirmation email and text then. So they’ll have both of those things, hopefully put the appointment in their calendar, but just in case deed day before their first one die, listen, we will call them again and leave a voicemail. If they don’t answer, we will call them just to say, Hey, whatever your name is, we just wanted to call and remind you that you have your first lesson tomorrow with us.

We’ll share our genuine excitement. Say we were really excited to have you all out. Look forward to meeting with you tomorrow at whatever time their appointment is scheduled for it. So they do have phone call as a virgin whore reminder the day before so that they don’t forget about it. And two hours before the first $1 Tulsa Guitar Lesson, we listen them a text message that says, Hey, whatever your name is, we are looking forward to your lesson today at Xyz time. And this text message is really important because if someone is out doing something and they’ve forgotten about their lesson, it’s a reminder, you know, with just enough time for them to be able to leave wherever they’re at and to come to their first $1 loss. Once we have given them a phone call rep before we will see them at their first lesson when they show up.

And this lesson is a really big deal because it is their first impression of Curtis Music Academy. It’s the first time they’re getting to see what we do and how we do it. So we really put a lot of effort and time into preparing to structure for this first lesson and we hope that the student will enjoy it. So after that first lesson, once we get them confirmed for taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons on a regular basis, we will give them a followup call just to see how the lesson went so they can share their thoughts with us so that we know how we can better improve the process or make it better for them in the future. It’s really helpful to us to have that follow up phone call afterwards and as you can tell we do send our students a lot of reminders before their first lesson. It is really important to do this because we know that everyone is really busy, we are busy, our instructors are busy and the students are busy so we want to make sure that if a student has taken the time to schedule a lesson that we are are on top of it and make sure that they remember.

Also it just we want them to remember because it is important for our instructors. They remember we value our instructor’s time and if they are going to come here and to get prepared to teach this $1 lesson, it’s really important that the students actually show up. It is very rude to our instructors when the first $1 lesson does not show up. So we wanted to do everything on our end to make sure that they are reminded of the lesson, that they don’t miss it so that we can respect their time and our instructors time because everyone is busy. We get wrapped up in things and during the day we’ll run a lot of errands and go different places and to sending that text message beforehand about two hours before it really just gives you enough time to stop whatever you’re doing at home, make sure that you’re prepared to come and take this $1 Tulsa Guitar Lesson

So we do think that it is very important that we follow up and make sure that we stay in touch with you consistently, especially if the lesson is scheduled farther out. Cause human memory is only so productive and we can only remember so much at a time. So we tried to do everything in our power to make sure that our students do not forget about the first $1 lesson that they have scheduled. Now, like I mentioned earlier, after someone fills out the contact form on our website, we will give them a phone call. If they do not answer the phone, we will leave them a voicemail and then we will send them an email after the first time we call them, we’ll send them an email just to say, hey, thank you for scheduling that first art. We’d love to get a secure first $1 lesson scheduled.

Please give us a call when you get a second, here’s our contact information. We’re really excited to hear from you, so we’ll send them that email when they don’t answer the phone and then if they do not reply to that email, we will send them another email that we sent a couple of days after that first email attempt. This one will say, Hey, just a reminder that we’d love to get your first $1 lesson scheduled. Please give us a call. We would love to get in touch with you and lastly, then we will send them a third email about a week after that first email attempt. If they do not reply to that one, then we will call them. But that is basically where it ends because they clearly do not want to take a first dollar Tulsa Guitar Lesson if they do not reply to that many attempts. So we really do try to reach out to them and make sure that if they took the time to fill out that form on our website that they’re able to get that lesson scheduled.

So we really do everything that we can on our end to make it as easy as possible for the student. So they do not really have to reach us out. We will do all of the reaching ourselves through sending all of those follow up emails and calls texts just just to make sure that we’re able to get that lesson scheduled if they really were dedicated enough to fill out that form. But like I said, the form is really quick and really easy. So it’s not a lot of work on the students’ part, but rather we want to make sure that all of the work is to an on our part so that we can ensure that we are doing everything in our power to get that soon after first Tulsa Guitar Lesson and make sure that they’re able to get scheduled in the first place. So like I mentioned, those reminders, text messages after you scheduled the lesson are really important to follow up and make sure that the student can, is able to come if they need to reschedule it. That gives us enough time to reschedule their lesson if they let us know with plenty of time. And it also just serves as a friendly reminder to come to the Tulsa Guitar Lesson to respect to their own time and our instructors time.