Tulsa Guitar Lessons | The Importance of Scent

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Okay. Throughout the course of owning a studio and teaching Tulsa guitar lessons, one of the things that has been a little bit of a difficulty to continue to maintain is actually the smell. Now it’s not like our studio stinks, but we are very intentional of having a nice pleasant scent. And one of the ways that we do this is through diffusers and there are essential oils that you can place into the diffusers to provide a really nice and pleasing scent. And one of the things that we’ve noticed is if we don’t dump out the water every evening, the next day the diffuser was smell a little bit musty, which actually completely contradicts the purpose of the oil diffusers. We have the oil diffusers to have our studio smell nice and pleasant and if they smell musty, then what ends up happening is it smells worse than if we had not had the diffusers. They’re in the first place. So we have to be really careful about what is being taken care of throughout the course of the studio and teaching Tulsa guitar lessons and throughout the course of the day. And so we have contemplated different ways that we could provide a pleasing sent with out the requirement of going through and having to

clean the diffusers every single day and do all of the work that it requires. Because that’s a lot of time on our end that typically should be spent doing other tasks. So if there’s anything that we can do to make it easier and to provide the scent without all of the hard work, then we want to make sure to make that happen. And that’s something that is in the works where we’re trying to find different solutions for that. But oil diffusers definitely work well. And the best thing about them is that you can set them up. And there’s also, not only does it smell good, but it also has health benefits. There’s different oils that you can use for different purposes. And the one that we use promote a peaceful and calming environment. And so that’s one of the things that we want to do as we provide and any base for taking lessons. Because if you walk in the door and it smells musty or it smells like a dead animal is inside, then that’s not going to be an enjoyable experience for you.

Your brain activity should be spent focusing on the content that you’re learning in Tulsa guitar lessons, not on whether or not the studio spaces is going to smell good or if the places getting to be gross. So we really want to make sure that as we are providing Tulsa guitar lessons that the area smells nice for you. Another option that you could have is to burn candles and candles are a great way to provide a nice pleasing sent for taking Tulsa guitar lessons. The biggest downside to this of course is that there is an open flame and the reason that we have opted not to do this, it’s because we have a lot of kids that walk in the door and we have a lot of siblings that are even younger than our students. And if there was anything that could happen where a child could either burn themselves or accidentally start a fire, that would be devastating. So we certainly do not want that to happen.

And if that is something that is something that we could prevent, then we want to make sure to make that happen so we can teach Tulsa guitar lessons in peace. And so we, we don’t choose to provide candles to burn simply because of the risk and the dangerous. However, if you own a studio that does not have kids, then perhaps this would be a very nice way to provide a calm and pleasing sent as well as an enjoyable experience because of open flame is enjoyable. So that’s something that you could do. Another option would be the wax sense that you can heat up on a little heating tray and it provides a nice scent. That’s another option. And a lot of people use this. The thing is is you will need to replace the wax because it will lose its scent. And if you’re trying to cover up a smell, it’s not quite as potent.

So this is something that could be a little bit tricky, but it does work very similarly to a candle and it worth it for teaching Tulsa guitar lessons. So this is an option that we have contemplated and it’s certainly not a bad idea. It’s something that could definitely be a worthwhile investment, especially if you don’t want to spend the additional expenses on oil because essential oils are quite a bit expensive, especially depending on the specific type of oil that you yet. So those are all specific options. I think the least expensive option would be for breeze. If you want to just spray centered stuff that could be an option. However, a lot of times for breeze and other spray supplies have a short lived life of scent so it’s not going to last very long and it smells cheap. It smells like you were either cleaning or you were doing something strange. So for breeze should really only be used in short term situations, not as a long term investment. For the purpose of covering up smells, it’s really not going to make a huge difference and

it’s a great idea to have other options for cents. So when it comes to having diffusers that get musty, if they ever do get musty, then we turn them off. We have to go to the kitchen, clean them, let them dry all before putting oil back into them and letting them, letting them go. Because if they don’t dry, then the mustiness just settles even after Washington. So it really is a pain in the butt to have to clean these and wait for them to dry out in order to provide a nice clean scent. So throughout teaching lessons, if there’s ever a point where it starts to get musty, this is a bad situation because we can’t immediately fixed the problem. We just have to shut off the diffusers and then that’s it. And the mustiness will go away. It’s not like the smell lingers, but it, it simply provides the situation where we are unable to have that nice calming, peaceful scent. So perhaps one of the things that we could do is not only have the oil diffusers, but we could also have these candles or these wax centered things. So that in that situation where we have a musty diffuser, we could start the scent wax and it would provide the backup sense. So that’s something that we will very likely considered to do.