Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Why We Use Sticky Notes

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Now, I’m going to talk about the importance of sticky notes. So I have talked a lot extensively you could say about the importance of office supplies, organization tools, whiteboards, copy paper, all of those fun, exciting things that help us run very smoothly on the back end of things. Now I’d like to talk about how important it is to have it sticky notes. So it seems like a pretty mundane thing. Something that would not have much importance when it comes to taking Tulsa guitar lessons. But let me tell you this, taking notes are awesome and they really are helpful for us. They won first thing first on the office side. They help keep us organized, for Tulsa guitar lessons. They help the students remain organized because the instructor can write their tasks on that sticky note. And lastly, they’re helpful for the instructor because they’re able to hand out the contact information on the sticky note if need be and allow them to help the students with their casks for the week.

So I’m going to start out by talking about how sticky notes are important for us. Me In particular, back in the office area. So if you look around our office, there are sticky notes everywhere and that’s because we are so ideal idea driven here at Curtis Music Academy. We are always having ideas for ways that we can improve our Tulsa guitar lessons and prove our structure, all of that. So we, when we get an idea in our head, whether that be me or Ron or Kelly, we’ll just jot it down on one of our awesome sticky notes. And these are not just plain regular sticky notes, but they actually have our logo at the top of it. So they stay Curtis Music Academy. So these are official sticky notes with the official business on them and they are all around our office. So whenever we have an idea we are able to just write that down, stick it on a sticky note on, move on until we need to look at it again.

And I talked a little bit about our whiteboard organization, but for the most part our sticky notes are stuck to the white board because we can just pull them off and throw them away once we’ve completed the task. So for example, under the tasks section on the Whiteboard, there are eight sticky notes up there right now, whether that be, some of them are reminders for me thinks that I need to do to improve Curtis Music Academy. So like buy some pin holders and remembered a wipe down the kitchen table. And a lot of them are tasks for fraud, whether that be songs that a student wants to learn or things that he needs to do like make cards for first, first $1 Tulsa guitar lessons. All of these things are written on sticky notes so we can just jot them down when it, wherever we are. So we have sticky notes, we have little packs of the sticky notes all around our studio house. So there are some in the living room, there are sticky notes in both studios and they’re even sticky notes by the coffee maker. So no matter where we are in the studio house, if we have an idea or if we remember something that needs to be done, we able to just jot that information down on a sticky note and either take it to our Tulsa guitar lessons or take it back to the office and stick it up on the whiteboard and whatever corresponding section it needs to go in.

So quite clearly the sticky notes really allow us our next level, next degree of organization back in the office. I utilize the sticky notes every single day to make sure that I write now all the things that I need to do and anything that just pops into my head, we’ve got to write it down so we don’t forget I’m in. Secondly, like I mentioned, the sticky notes are really important for the students. So like I said, we’ve got sticky notes in each of the studio rooms. So we’ve got a package of two of sticky notes in studio one and a package or to have sticky notes in studio too. So these sticky notes are used by the instructor to mark pages in the student’s book and write down the specific things that they are supposed to practice for the week. So it’s just a small little reminder that the student can look at to make sure that they are practicing the things that are supposed to be practice.

And a lot of times a student will forget the page or the song of they’re supposed to be working on out of their book. So it’s really helpful that the instructor puts sticky note on the proper page so that the student knows exactly what they’re supposed to practice. And sometimes even within a song, there are specific measures that the student should be practicing, perhaps because those are more difficult than the others or they’re struggling through them. So it’s really important that the instructor mark that page and mark the specific parts in the song that needed to be practiced because then the student can just look back on their book and see the sticky note right there, reminding them of what needs to be done for the week. So the sticky notes are really important for a student’s success because they allowed them to see exactly what needs to be practice and also for the instructor.

So the instructor puts a lot of time and effort into creating the lesson plan and creating the lesson in deciding what the student needs to practice. So it’s really helpful for them to have something with them, always, always paper there so that they can write down what needs to be done, what needs to be practiced, really beneficial overall for the instructor. And another thing is that we have another set of sticky notes. So we have the one set that’s all around the studio house, the say Curtis Music Academy, but we have a nother set of sticky notes that says the diligent doer. And like I’ve mentioned before, that delicious Dewar is the type of student who is dedicated to their Tulsa guitar lessons. So they will practice when they’re supposed to practice the sec practice schedules for themselves so that they stay on a schedule, they remember the goals and they actively work towards them.

And they are always seeking to improve by working hard on the foundational things that they know are necessary. Even if they’re not exactly fun. The diligent doer recognizes the importance of the small things and the foundational things and doesn’t try to jump ahead to new things without learning the ones that they already started on. So we made, we made sticky notes with the diligent doer at the top of it along with our logo and at every first lesson that we give to students. So whether that be a first $1 lesson or even if the student has been with us for a while, what we will do is we will give them a sticky note and we’ll say, hey student, you should write your goal on this sticky note. So go all the way back to the beginning and think about why you started taking music lessons or Tulsa guitar lessons, vocal lessons in the first place.

So why are you taking Tulsa guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy? What got you here? And that will get the students thinking about what their ultimate goal is and what they want to get out of taking lessons. And what they have. Once they have a tangible goal on this sticky note where they can look at it and say, okay, this is my goal it we ask them to stick it inside of their book or on their piano at home or wherever they decide to put it so that they can look at it every time they’re practicing in remember why they’re here. And remembering your ultimate goal is really critical for taking lessons because if you don’t know why you’re here, you are not going to be motivated to continue follow after I go and practice like yours first year because there’s really no reason for it. So having a goal is really critical to succeeding and music lessons and that’s why we created this sticky note with a diligent doer on it to remind students of the goal and the reason why they are here.

So all in all these sticky notes, while they seem like something very mundane and unimportant to taking lessons, they are actually very important because they allow the students to see exactly what needs to be practiced. They allow the instructor to always have something nearby to ride on, to help with student success, to write their tasks on for the week, and they also help with organization in the office. They allow us to always have a spot to write down their ideas and they really keep us organized and on track with the tasks that need to be done for the week or for the day. So sticky notes are far more important to taking guitar lessons, piano lessons, and vocal lessons. Then they seem.