Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Common Google Reviews

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So now I’m going to talk about what are the most common thing that people say in our Google reviews. So as you probably know, we have over 125 star Google reviews on Google. So these are not just 120 reviews, not just huddled 23 star reviews or two star reviews or one star abuse. But no, we have over 125 star reviews, which is the maximum number of stars that there are. You can’t give anything more than five stars. It’s like an a plus plus and Google ratings world. So it is really big deal that we have that many Google reviews because we truly are the most highly rated and most rated music school in all of Tulsa. That is something that we really pride ourselves on because I think it really shows how much our students really enjoy taking Tulsa guitar lessons here because a lot of people don’t like writing.

Google reviews. They, it’s work that they have to do, doesn’t really get anything out of it. And it’s just helpful for people to know whether something is good or bad. So most people don’t write Google reviews. But the fact that we have over 125 star reviews, she was that people really do care because if they didn’t care, they would not be writing a goober of you in the first place because it does take effort on their part and they don’t really get anything out of doing it other than the satisfaction of bragging on a place that they love. So I think it is really awesome that we have been able to get so many five star reviews. But if you’re wondering what do people say in these five star reviews, what are they raving about? Well, let me just tell you, here are the most common things that we hear and ag group or abuse.

First of all, we hear the how talented our instructors are. We hear over and over again, we read these reviews that talk about how, how much our instructors really know and how well that transmits to the students. So if the students are taking Tulsa guitar lessons with a teacher that they think it’s just crazy talented, then they’re going to be motivated to become talented themselves. And they’re going to see how well this instructor does and feel confident and his or her teaching abilities because the more talented and instructor is, the more talented student will likely become. So that’s why we try really hard here at Curtis Music Academy to make sure it that when you’re taking ┬áTulsa guitar lessons, piano lessons on vocal lessons, that you’re taking them from an instructor who really is incredibly talented and knows what they are talking about and can teach whatever they’re learning to someone else.

Another thing that we hear, oh well it’s how patient our instructors, so we talk a lot, Curtis Music Academy, about one of our core values being patient and joy through the rigor. So we focus a lot on making sure that our shutters are kind and patient with their students so that we encourage their successes rather than reprimanding their failures. And it’s not an easy thing to do when a scene it Mesa a lot of mistakes, but our instructors are very talented. Making sure that they encourage that student and what they’re doing well and patient with them and start learning something that’s very difficult because our instructors all understand how difficult it is to learn an instrument. And so they can really empathize and they know how, how to be patient with someone because I know the importance that patient’s plays when it comes to learning an instrument because sincerely is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work and our instructors realize that and they utilize that to help the students through their extreme patience in Tulsa guitar lessons.

Another thing that we hear is how personable kind in caring on shutters are. And this is one thing that we really pride ourselves on is genuinely hiring good people for the job. So not only are our instructors talented and patient and kind people, but there are also just, they’re just nice, good people that you can have a conversation with your day about your life, people that you genuinely want to be friends with. And I think that part is the fact that we’re so good at being friends and coaches is that our instructors genuinely are kind and care about their students’ successes. Another thing that we hear is about how tailored our instruction is. So we do pride ourselves on having personal growth tailored instruction where we focus each and every one of the Tulsa guitar lessons on the student’s own personal goals. So we don’t have some sort of generic path that we put all of our students on because we realize how important it is for our students to learn at their own pace and to learn the things that they want to learn.

Because every student has different goals and aspirations with music and they’re not all the same. So it’s not fair to the student to teach each and every student the same thing. But rather we want to teach them the things that they want to learn so we can help them accomplish their own goals. And this shows a lot in our Google reviews. Another thing is how enthusiastic and encouraging our our instructors are with the students. So this is another thing that we do really well at Curtis Music Academy because when you’re taking guitar lessons or piano lessons or vocal lessons with our Curtis Music Academy, you will be taught by an instructor who is genuinely invested in your progress and in your successes. So like I mentioned earlier, we focus a lot on this at our team meetings. So we will go over the student win of the week where we get to excitedly discuss how well the students progressed during the week.

So we get genuinely excited about talking about how well our students did that week. And that’s because we are actually genuinely invested in the progress that our students make. So we want to help them grow and help them maximize their potential as a musician. And we are really passionate about doing that. And I think it really shows when our instructors to just be excited for them. Encouragement is really critical to doing well at Tulsa guitar lessons, really critical to learning anything. And in fact it’s important that the students can know that their instructor cares about them and not the instructor wants to be there and wants to teach them well because without that encouragement there is not a lot of motivation for continuing lesson and not a lot of motivation for learning more. It’s really important just human nature. I think that we are encouraging and kind and that we build up our students rather than tear them down.

So like I said, joy did the rigor. We want to show them that learning music is exciting and fun and worthwhile even when it is not easy. So another thing that we hear about in one of our, in several of our hundred and 25 star reviews on Google, it’s how good we are at relating to kids and being fun with them. I talk a lot about one of our instructors who really just masters teaching children and that is because she genuinely is able to relate to them. She’s able to see what the like see how they have fun and find creative ways to keep them interested and excited. So she likes to play this game with them where she’ll sit down at the piano and play a song and the student will get up and dance around the room until she stops.

And once she stops playing, the student has to stop dancing and go play a couple of more notes on the piano before a show can play the song again for them to dance. So this just keeps the students active and engaged and it makes me excited to be there. So when there are young kids, they oftentimes don’t want to sit still for that long. You don’t want to learn the piano but their parents are having. So it’s really important us that we find ways to relate to us no matter what their age is, whether they are young or old. We work with the teacher side of the fence are relatable for them, ways that they least feel connected and excited to be there. And that differs from student to student.

But we are that relating to kids and being fun with them. And finally, another thing that we hear a lot in our Google reviews is how easy to work with we are. And I just think that is so true because everything that we do on our end is to maximize the benefits of the student. So we sincerely want to make it as easy as possible for our students to succeed. And we do that. Three easy payments, easy scheduling of Tulsa guitar lessons, easy contact all around. We try to make it as easy as possible for the students so that they have to do as little work as possible to take sentence, because we sincerely think that once they’re in Tulsa guitar lessons, they will have integrated time and we want to make it as enjoyable as possible.