Tulsa Guitar Lessons | What Our Instructors Do Well

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So what I’m going to talk about now, what makes some of our best instructors so effective and good at their job. So I honestly cannot narrow it down to one single instructor, but rather I would like to draw upon what each of our different instructors does that makes them fantastic because each of them have different strengths in different areas that they are really good at. Each of them are better with different types of students, different students of different ages, whether that be older people or younger people or children or teenagers. Each instructor is better at dealing with a certain group of students and so dies the ones that they get and that is the ones that they excel at teaching. So I’m going to take just a little bit to talk about how each one of our instructors succeeds in teaching the areas that they are good at.

So one of our instructors is best at teaching older adults and he does a great job with older adults because he is very kind and personable and we’ll be able to talk about things that older adults like to talk about. So she will sit down in the room with them and to relate, get to know them and ask them important questions about their life. Sincerely wanting to know how they’re doing. And this type of personal bonus is really one of the best things that this instructor does well because they are consistently getting you to know their students and getting to deeper levels with their students. And that makes the students want to be there in the Tulsa guitar lesson even more than before. It makes them even more committed and even more excited to be there. So this particular instructor is just really good at interpersonal connections and that is what makes him really effective at teaching older adults.

Also, you can tell the genuine excitement that he has when the students do well. So he shows this excitement and encouragement very well through high fiving the students and just being excited for them in what they’re doing in such a way that makes the students feel really encouraged and just really successful in what they’re doing. That’s instructor just as a great job and being with people, being a people person, probably more than most of the others. And another one of our instructor, it’s just absolutely dominates on the electric guitar. And this is an area that our other instructors do not do as well in. So like I said earlier, all of our instructors have specific student groups that they do the best at and where they performed the best and where the students are able to learn with the best instruction. So it just depends on the type of student, based on what instructor we give them.

So this instructor, just really Great Electric Guitar, really great at teaching these intermediate students that are teenagers because he’s cool, he’s fun, he knows cool music, and he plays the electric guitar. So it really makes the perfect ideal instructor for these intermediate teenage students who want to play in a rock band or show off to all their friends because that is what this instructor is just really ultimately the best at doing. Um, another one of our instructors does really well with men in their four thirties, forties middle aged men. Uh, he teaches a lot of streams that age because he’s availability because on the weekends and that’s when these people really like to take Tulsa guitar lessons because it doesn’t interrupt with their work week. Also just like that person instructor, very personable, very funny, fun to be around. That makes it really ideal for this type of student to take it and with that instructor, another one of our instructors, it’s just really great at teaching students, young, young students, I should say children, beginner children from age three to age 10 or 12 she just really does well in that category because she is exciting, energetic, has fun with our students and she was genuine excitement when they are there.

She is also just really creative and comes up with all kinds of fun things for them to do. So for example, so we’ll play games with her younger students, especially the ones that like to get up and run around the room and don’t like to sit still because they are really young and don’t know I’d better honestly. So she is able to let them have a good time and have fun during their Tulsa guitar lessons. She does this by playing fun games with them, whether that be a game where they sit down at the piano and she sits down and they will stand up and they will run around the room and dance I she stopped and then they have to pause, breathe, come back to the piano and play a couple more notes before they are allowed to play the game again. So that is just one way that she is really able to have a good time with the younger students and do a great job keeping their attention span and having fun time during the lesson so the student does not get bored.

So as you can probably tell you get two of our instructors has a very particular group of students they do the best with and where they are able to maximize their instructing abilities as well as maximize the amount of learning that the student does during that lesson. And that is because everyone is different and everyone has a different teaching style and all students have different learning styles and it is really important to us at Curtis Music Academy that we match the student’s learning style with the instructor’s teaching style. So they are able to maximize what they get out of their investment of taking Tulsa guitar lessons. It is really important to us that we do that for the student’s sake so that we’re able to tailor each and every lesson to that student’s personal goals because that is what we are all about is making sure that the student has the best experience possible while taking lTulsa guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy. So we work really hard to identify what our instructors strength are and what our student’s strengths are so that we can match them up accordingly and make sure that everyone is getting the best out of this.

So I think it is really cool that we are able to identify what the strengths of our instructors are and that is one of the things that the team meetings are really good at doing. We talk a lot about the importance of our weekly team meetings and it really is no joke. They are super important because at these meetings we get to hear and no on sectors better know one another better. So we can tell where their strengths lie and what they’re good at doing. And this is also why we do regular instructor observations so we can see exactly what they’re doing in their Tulsa guitar lessons and how they are succeeding and how their students are succeeding by learning from them. So it all comes up to just knowing the instructor strings and learning, getting to know our student. Because once you get to know the students, you get to know specifically how they learn and what the best way to learn for them is.

So since each student is different, it has different learning abilities and speeds and desires for taking their lTulsa guitar lessons were able to match up the charge or accordingly. That’s another thing is the students’ desires and goals. So that’s another thing that factors into picking which instructor they should have and what the instructor does best. It also depends on the student’s goals are taking Tulsa guitar lessons. So if, like I said, a student wants to learn how to play the electric guitar to rock out in their schools, banned for this friends, then one of our instructors would be the best person for that. But if it’s an older person who wants to learn to play a song for his kids, then that as a different instructor who would succeed in that and teach them to the best of their ability. So it all just depends on the student’s goals, why they’re taking Tulsa guitar lessons, how they learn, and what their strengths are and how they can fit into that.