Tulsa Piano Lessons | The Benefits of Learning the Piano


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Today we’ll be talking about my personal experience with the joys of music as a father. And my son has grown up. He is currently three years old and he has grown up with the fact that I am the owner of a music academy. And furthermore, he has grown up consistently hearing music on a daily basis and seeing all of the advantages of understanding music and seeing music. And the cool thing about it is that he is already understanding some really awesome things with music. My son already knows a few songs on the piano, but not difficult songs. He certainly does know a few different things about Tulsa piano lessons. He is able to read the black notes versus the white notes. He’s able to identify any of the two black notes anywhere on the piano as well as the three black notes. And this is actually very important because in order to understand music and understand note structure on the piano, that’s a, B, c, d, e, f, and g, you first have to be able to identify the s, the group of two black notes as well as the group of three black notes. 


And because of this, my son has been able to identify those at a very early age and even learn some songs using those notes. My son is also able to sing songs all by himself. In fact, this past weekend he made up his very own song with words and a melody and he kept singing it over and over and over. I can assure you that he will succeed when he begins Tulsa piano lessons, and I believe that is a testament to the fact that he has received instruction and received musical information consistently every single day of his life. This is really exciting for him. So another benefit is that neurologically and mentally, this is something that consistently helps improve a child’s capacity for learning. And if you have a child that you would like to be more involved with music and to see them grow in their musicianship, whether currently or in the long term. 


This is certainly something that you would be able to do because music musical abilities is something that is fostered and cared for over a long period of time. If you think of a tree, you start out digging a hole, planting the seed, and then over the course of a few months you may not see any growth. However, as you continue to nurture and water that seed, you will certainly see many awesome things happen in the long term and this is something that is very important for learning. We want to help our students grow. We want to help all of the things that we can do for our students to see them continue to develop and learn and move forward with their instruction. 




Throughout the course of playing music, I have seen my son do some really awesome things and I have even seen him move forward with learning piano. I’ve seen him be very interested in what is going on. Whenever I play a song during Tulsa piano lessons, he runs around the room and he just has a great time seeing all of the differences in. Whether the song is loud or soft, whether a song is fast or slow. Whether or not this song wants to make you jump or whether it wants to make you sit down and fall asleep. These are all things that my son is able to realize and enjoy. 


So help your children to understand music. Help them to understand that there are different instruments you can sing, you can take Tulsa piano lessons, you can play the guitar, you could play the saxophone. There are all sorts of different instruments and through understanding those and through just moving forward with all of the different things that are available, these will help your child to grow and move forward with seeing all of the differences in instruments. We want to see our students grow. We want to see our children enjoy learning an instrument. We want to see them dive in and learn songs, whether it’s classical or pop music. And whenever they take a lesson we want to see them enjoy everything that they are experiencing. 


These are great and exciting things that our students are able to accomplish. So if you have interest in seeing your student or your child continue to be motivated in practicing and understanding all of the differences in instruments and musical dynamics and crescendos and all of the contrasting events on a song, then I would encourage you to research different options that are available to you. If you are interested in taking private Tulsa piano lessons, then get going with that. Have all of your information ready to go so that you know exactly what it is that you are looking for to help your child to grow. If you decide that you’re having a difficult time finding a instructor that fits what it is that you’re looking for, perhaps it would benefit from just reaching out to a professional musician or a professional school to see how it is that they could help you to find what you’re looking for. 


If you’re looking for an instructor that’s a little bit more laid back for Tulsa piano lessons and fun and helping your student to be motivated, then that’s something that you would want to look for. If you’re looking for a very strict and straight to the point instructor that would help your student or child to be pushed and understand the concepts, then that’s something that you could also be looking for because everybody is a little bit different. 


Not everybody sticks to the same curriculum. Not everybody responds the same way to different ways of instruction. So if you have a student that is very relaxed and calm, perhaps they would benefit from one type of instruction versus the other. And so with my son personally, I will not be the one that teaches him when he’s ready to take Tulsa piano lessons. He will be taking from one of our phenomenal instructors here at Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa and we are very excited for him to start that adventure. 


When this happens, we will see him grow and learn and be motivated through the instructor that we choose for him and we will help him to grow throughout the course of the week. We won’t just leave him there to do things all on his own. But this is a great thing that we are looking forward to finding an instructor that will work best for him. This will ensure that his Tulsa piano lessons are optimal and exciting. If you are having difficulties finding an instructor, I would encourage you to fill out the $1 lesson form on our website and we will help you whether you’re in Tulsa or not. We will help you to find an instructor that will work best for your needs and best for your students.