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What is it that Curtis Music Academy does differently than other music schools? Why is it that Curtis Music Academy began to increase in their students and to grow in a town that already has 10 music schools and now Curtis Music Academy is the highest and most reviewed music school in Tulsa. Why is it that these things are happening and that is what we will be discussing today in today’s edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast for all of the children, for all of the adults, for all of the retired people that are looking to take music lessons in Tulsa. This is exactly the podcast for you because we want everyone to know why it is that we are successful and why it is that you should take Tulsa piano lessons with us and furthermore, if you are a competing music school, take notes because this is why Curtis Music Academy has been successful in current years. 


One of the things that Curtis Music Academy does is we specifically, one of the things that Curtis Music Academy does is we create a experience for our students and we try our best to listen to our students and hear about what it is that their goals are for taking Tulsa piano lessons. Some students want to master the instrument and be able to get a scholarship at a college. Some students want to simply hang out, learn a couple songs that way with the next time they go camping, the next time they’re out by a campfire with their friends. They’re able to play a few songs and enjoy learning what it is that they are trying to accomplish. And so this is what is very exciting for us as instructors at Curtis Music Academy because we are able to help our students to grow and master what it is that they’re looking to achieve, whether it’s getting a scholarship at a school or to get a favorite song mastered so that they can play it as a campfire. 


These are the things that we really want to do with our students. Furthermore, Curtis Music Academy has a team of instructors that not only focuses on the students that they teach. We also have weekly meetings where we can discuss and problem solve anything that would be a challenge for our students. If a specific student taking Tulsa piano lessons is having an understanding the notes on the page, we have a team meeting where we can discuss how we can affectively help our students to grow in the most effective and the most efficient and time sensitive way. And furthermore, many other music schools don’t even have a single team meeting where their instructors get together. They have instructors that they have hired, they interviewed them once and then they set them up with a few students and then as long as the students are sticking with them, then that’s it. They don’t have any accountability. 


They don’t have any resources that are pumping into these instructors at the music schools. And that was a big thing that we wanted to correct. At Curtis Music Academy, we want to give our instructors the most available resources so that they can be successful with their students and that they would be a better instructor today than they were yesterday or that they were last week. And so because of this, this is the main reason why I think Curtis Music Academy has been so successful that we are constantly and continuously feeding into our students and into our instructors so that it is a constant, a constant ability to move forward and help everyone to grow in the least amount of time. 


Our team meetings consist of many different things. The first like I had mentioned, is problem solving and understanding what it is that we can improve on with our students being successful and with problems. But another thing that we do is we highlight specific wins of our students taking Tulsa piano lessons. So many times I have discussed different winds of our students in different podcasts. 


However, if we have students that are accomplishing many great things, we want to hear about it. We want to encourage our other instructors that might be having a little bit of a difficulty with their students. And that is something that we enjoy talking about and discussing. We vote for a student win of the week where we can help our students and our instructors to pick a student that has been awesome in the previous week and we want to highlight what it is that they’re doing. So because of this, there are many different things that we can do to help our students to grow. 


We really focus on the attention in detail that is important for, I can do civ learning experience. We don’t want to have random things that are distracting from our students in the Tulsa piano lessons, whether it’s specific noises or different experiences that are causing distractions. But we just want to provide a very nice and relaxed, easygoing experience during our Tulsa piano lessons. 


And this helps us to stand out because students are able to not just receive excellent instruction, not just receive excellent instructors, but also a environment to be incredibly beneficial for each and every student that walks in the door throughout the course of learning a lesson or learning an instrument. So now if you are someone that is unsure of where you would like to take lessons at, I would like to continue explaining what it is that Curtis Music Academy does a little bit differently than some of the other music schools. 


If you have not already been convinced of the exceptional instruction at Curtis Music Academy. We are also very focused on being your friend while helping you to dive down and be all about your instrument and learning your instrument correctly and well and in a quick manner. And what we have found is that if you relate to your instructor, if you are able to sit down and enjoy the presence of your instructor, then you aren’t going to be motivated to come back each and every week, which in turn causes you to have the snowball effect of excitement and moving forward with understanding your goals and all of the different things that you are looking to accomplish with your Tulsa piano lessons. And so because of that, we want to be your friend while we coach you and move you past just being a student. And then secondly, we are all about making our Tulsa piano lessons specifically tailored to what it is that you are looking to achieve. 


I mentioned this earlier that we want to know your goals, we want to help you reach them and we want to help you to move past the monotony of learning an instrument. And so because of this, if your goal is something specific, like some of our students have even contacted us because they want to play a specific song for their grandpa’s funeral. And if that’s something that is happening, then this thing is you don’t need to know all of the background information of learning an instrument if your end all goal is to simply play one song at a funeral. Now all of the other things that would benefit someone are very important for someone that has the longevity of wanting to play an instrument and many songs. But if you’re looking for one song, then we can expedite that specific goal and accomplish it in a manageable and reasonable time period. So if you’re looking to learn anything, whether it’s a song or an instrument or master it, give us a call. Fill out that $1 lesson for them because we would love and it would be an honor to help you make those goals happen.