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This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

Today, we will be discussing some of the most amazing, exciting and exhilarating experiences as an instructor. And some of the things that have been incredibly exciting for our students is success as a team and as a student that would be interested in learning the piano. One of our students takes Tulsa piano lessons here at Curtis Music Academy, and this is a student that is about 20 years old and this student has an exceptional ability to foresee their life and just understand what it is that their goals are for their life. 


And this person realized that they don’t know anything about music and when they get older they would love to have a grand piano in their house and be able to play some really cool things. The problem is with this specific student, prior to reaching out to us, they had never received any musical information or knowledge or instruction prior to reaching out to us. 


So that was a big challenge. It’s very difficult to play an instrument if you never receive instruction for it. So because of this, we were able to reach out to them and help them to lay out a pathway for reaching their goal and for having the ability to maximize the potential for them to reach this. And if there’s anything that we have done that is incredibly exciting for our students, it’s create specific content for our students to continue to be motivated for their Tulsa piano lessons. 


So this student had an interest in not only learning to read music, but also to move forward with getting to understand the instrument and they wanted to play a song that they knew and that they would be able to just move forward. 


So because of that, we actually recorded and we had the opportunity to create a specific song for the student and we a version of hit the road jack for them to play the piano and move forward with their goals and learning a song that they are interested in while continuing to understand music and to dive even deeper into understanding rhythms and understanding all of the exciting things that are involved in reading music. 


So this is one thing that we really love doing. We love to help our students too, understand that they can not only achieve their goals, but do it in a way that is exciting and fun and interesting and incredibly motivating for them to accomplish their goals. So if you are a student that is taking tulsa piano lessons and you’re having a difficulty staying motivated, I would encourage you to just to sign up for a $1 lesson. 


There’s no commitment and there’s really nothing that would make you not want to meet with us for just $1. Because if you fill out that form, we will set up an appointment to speak with you. And if you’re taking Tulsa piano lessons somewhere else and you’re feeling unmotivated, we would love to give you different practice strategies and different ideas that would help you to be very motivated and to be excited every time that you sit down at the piano. 


Because that’s the goal. We want to be excited and we want to have an exciting, enjoyable time playing our instrument. Anytime that we sit down at the piano. And so now I’ll be talking about a few of our other students. We have a husband and wife that are retired. They retired in 2018 towards the end of the year and they have just been dominating the piano. They started taking Tulsa piano lessons a little while ago and both the husband and wife take private lessons so they’re here out on different days. 


However, one of the things that they are really looking forward to is playing a duet together. And so just like the previous student that that was described where we had written a specific version of hit the road jack, we actually created for this husband and wife a song called, I’ve got you babe, Bye Sonny and Cher. And we arranged it in a way that would be exactly inside of their ability. And so we started teaching them very recently this song and they are doing great with it is a very, very fun and exciting song for them to be able to play and to be able to do it together. And this is what we want our students to accomplish. We want them to move forward and have a fantastic and exciting lesson so that they can learn at an accelerated rate. And be motivated to practice, not just to learn and be bored and then to have a boring lesson and a boring teacher, but they’re moving forward with their goals. 


No, we want to have an exciting lesson. We want to be, uh, very motivated for having our students take Tulsa piano lessons. That is why we create specific content for our students. Another thing that we have done is another student is actually only here in Tulsa for the summer. They live in Finland. And so because of that, they are not a student that would be here over a long period of time, but they had a little bit of musical knowledge. 


This specific student had previously taken Tulsa piano lessons about six years ago and she had a quick interest in learning the piano again. And so one of the things that she had mentioned was that she would really like to eventually be able to play, don’t stop believing by journey. She said that one of her roommates plays that song and every time she hears it, it sounds great and she wishes that she could play like that. 


However, because she’s only here for the summer, we don’t really have the ability to get that far into mastering that song in just the short amount of time that we have. So because of that, what we decided was we would create the music for her and we would even create videos for her to be successful with that song. And so we sent those to her. She was able to watch them and she’ll have those, even when she’s in Finland, she’ll be able to look at them and watch them and have a great experience learning the song even while she’s unable to, to attend Tulsa piano lessons. 


So there’s always ways to be motivated and there’s always ways to help students to be interested in learning an instrument and to be excited about everything that they are learning. Just moving forward and continuously seeing all of the different benefits of learning an instrument. That’s what we want for our students. We want to see them grow, we want to see them succeed and we want to see them have great, exciting Tulsa piano lessons every single week that they walk in the door. That’s what we are looking for. That’s what we are attempting to achieve. And our students are seeing the fruit of it. They are growing, they’re excited, and they’re doing things that they’ve never been able to do each and every time that they walk in the door, they are moving forward with their goals and we love it.