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Through our growth mentality and tailored instruction, we help you get to your goals at your pace, whether you want to be a master or just play for your family reunion!

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Ron Curtis

Ron Curtis, the founder of Curtis Music Academy, trained at University of Tulsa’s music education program and has perfected his ability to provide profound music instruction. Through his training and his qualified instructors, you will be amazed by your growth in this life-long skill.

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There are many reasons to choose Curtis Music Academy.


We’re Not Just Your Coach. We’re Also Your Friend.

With excellent instruction that combines discipline and hard work, at Curtis Music Academy, we make sure to provide you with helpful and supportive guidance to lead you to your goals. Many people in Tulsa, Oklahoma love our music lessons because we are more than just a group of instructors; we are musicians that are passionate about seeing growth in people. While we help students grow in their musicianship through music lessons, we’ll also show that through mentorship each and every week. We pride ourselves in being supportive and encouraging people who care about each and every one of our students. We are excited to see how much they grow, both musically and as people.


Growth Tailored Instruction

We pride ourselves on getting you to your goals at your pace. Whether you want to be a master or just play for your family reunion, we can help get you there! Here at Curtis Music Academy, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, your piano lessons tulsa will be full of personal instruction based on your own individual goals. We pride ourselves on individually constructed music lessons, so that each student is able to learn at their own pace. If you want to take a voice lesson, piano lesson, or guitar lesson, you will receive personal guidance and instruction, so that you can take piano lessons tulsa that teaches you exactly what you want to learn.


You’ll Love Where you Learn

At Curtis Music Academy, where you’ll be learning these new skills, we make sure our spaces are comfortable, inviting, and conducive to optimal learning. If you’re looking to take music lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Curtis Music Academy has the best space for doing so. We have designed an environment that feels like home, with all of the benefits of a 5-star music academy. Because we have chosen a wonderful home studio that provides comfort and warmth, our learning environment is far different than other studios that are stuffy and uncomfortable. We provide our guitar, piano, and voice lesson students with coffee, tea, and and a space to relax.


Joy Through the Rigor

As you make steady progress, we will celebrate your growth and efforts. We’ll have fun and make sure you enjoy your experience with piano lessons tulsa. It is really important to us here at Curtis Music Academy that you feel encouraged through your successes rather than discouraged when you make a mistake. Our piano lessons, guitar lessons, and voice lessons in Tulsa are fun and inviting, with instructors that are invested in your musical growth. We have found that our students strive when we encourage them and celebrate their individual successes as they come to their piano lessons tulsa.


About Us

My name is Ron Curtis, I’m the owner here at Curtis Music Academy. Our Tulsa studio is located just south of Tulsa. We also have a studio in Bartlesville, as well!

What Curtis Music Academy does differently than some of the other music schools is, we actually offer your first lesson for just $1. We do this so you can come in and get an idea of what you can be experiencing on your lessons with us. You can meet your instructor and make sure that it is a perfect fit for you moving forward. So as I started to teach piano lessons in Tulsa, our students were so excited to come to their lessons. And not only were they excited, but I was actually just as excited to teach the lessons because it was so fulfilling for me as I was teaching them to just see their improvements and see their successes each week as they would come back.

So this is one of the biggest focuses here at Curtis Music Academy. We just want to celebrate with you all of your accomplishments and just make sure that each week, that as you’re coming back, that you are celebrated for your hard work. Whether you are seven years old, or seventy years old – this is a skill that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. And other people are going to enjoy hearing you, as well.

As an example, one of our current students actually used to take lessons at a music school here in Tulsa. This student had a few frustrations because their previous instructor would start the lesson between fifteen to thirty minutes late every lesson. Not only that, but the instructor didn’t really have a plan for the lessons. This was a cause for concern because not only were they not getting value out of the time they were expecting, there also was not a structure to the lesson either.

Curtis Music Academy strives to perfect the experience of our students, making sure that there are as few frustrations as possible. We listen to our students and make sure we are doing our best to provide an excellent service. We are going to develop a plan to help you reach your goals with piano lessons in Tulsa and we’re going to make sure that every lesson is starting on time, it’s ending on time, and you’re going to get the full value of your time with us.

So what we do differently here is – we make sure that our instructors are people and mentors for your kids. Whether it’s you taking the lessons or your child, we want to be your friend and make sure that everytime that you walk in the door, you’re excited to see us. Not just for the lesson, but also someone you can connect with.

We are incredibly passionate about teaching our students. We have a lot of younger students who are just learning this for the first time, whether it’s piano or guitar. And seeing them grow is so rewarding. But not only do we teach young kids, we also have a lot of adults. And it is one of the most rewarding experiences when you see somebody learning something that they’ve never been able to do and in such a short amount of time, learning a lifelong skill that will be with them for the rest of their life.

If you’ve read this far, we would love for you to take advantage of that first $1 music lessons in Tulsa or Bartlesville. Go ahead and just fill out the contact form and we’ll have one of our team members give you a call. We would love to get started with you!